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Cocamidopropylamine Oxide that is stable over a wide pH range. It provides excellent foam boosting properties, viscosity building and foam stability in a wide spectrum of formulations. Mackamine CAO-A is especially effective when formulated with alkyl sulfates oralpha olefin sulfonates. Mackamine CAO-A also acts as a conditioning agent, having cationic character when formulated on the acid side.

Disponibilité Amérique du nord, Amérique du sud, Asie Pacifique, Europe.
Marque Mackamine®
Marché(s) Health, personal and home care.
Segment(s) de marché Fabric care, Hair care, Home care, Institutional & industrial cleaning, Intelligent garments, Medical & Pharmaceuticals, Oral care, Skin care.
Applications Light Duty Liquids (LDL) 15% - 20%, Car Wash (Brush or Bucket) 10% - 15%, Neutralizing Shampoo 5% - 10%, Body Wash 5% - 10%, Facial
Gamme de produit Surfactants - Nonionic
Global Business Unit Novecare