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Rhodia introduces Mackine® 301, a Vegetable-based Surfactant, Extension its Offer and Expertise in hair Care

Rhodia introduces Mackine® 301, a Vegetable-based Surfactant, Extension its Offer and Expertise in hair Care

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Featured hair care products at In-Cosmetics Trade Show –ParisApril 13-15, 2010

Rhodia is extending its offer on the hair care segment with the introduction of Mackine®301, a non quaternized amidoamine surfactant. This product is ideal to create hair conditioners and masks for both damaged and healthy hair. A vegetable-based product, Mackine® 301 offers an excellent alternative to conventional CTAC (Cetrimonium Chloride), providing good conditioning properties, excellent viscosity building and easy-to-process solutions for formulators. For consumers, while repairing damaged hair, Mackine® 301 provides detangling benefits and minimizes the build-up effect upon multiple uses because it is easy to rinse, leaving hair healthy and shiny.

Based on its leading expertise in guar chemistry, Rhodia continues to extend its Jaguar® C natural polymer range to deliver excellent conditioning performance in shampoos, conditioners and masks. Jaguar® C500 is the newest conditioning guar polymer for formulating weightless volume shampoos and conditioners that give fine hair unmatched body and silkiness. Jaguar® C500 is derived from natural guar beans and designed to make hair feel light, manageable and infused with volume. Jaguar® C162, natural-based guar polymer, is ideal for bleached, damaged hair solutions.

In the cleansing segment, Rhodia has extended its Miracare® SLB innovative structured surfactant liquid systems to hair care solutions. They demonstrate strong performance in moisturizing and repairing damaged hair together with protection and revival of coloured hair.

Completing its hair care range, Rhodia proposes Mirapol® synthetic polymers, easy-to-use for multiple types of conditioning shampoos, and Polycare® Boost, a high-performance conditioning system to boost hair shine.

In addition, Rhodia brings to formulators its considerable expertise and in-depth hair testing capabilities to validate formulation performance and benefits appropriate to specific consumer needs. These include the repair and protection of damaged or sensitive hair (hair repairing masks, baby hair, ethnic hair, and moisturizing shampoos) and to embellish hair appearance (volume, shine and colour radiance).

“Our laboratory experts have developed high performance and reliable tests that allow us to better understand and evaluate our product performance on different hair type and in multiple shampoos and conditioners. Formulators can thus benefit from this expertise to validate and adjust their formulations to specific claims and consumer needs” commented Sébastien Méric, Vice President, Home and Personal Care, Rhodia Novecare. “Thanks to our long-standing expertise, broad and complementary product ranges in conditioning and cleansing, Rhodia is aiming to become a major player in the hair care market” added Sébastien Méric.

Rhodia is an international chemical company resolutely committed to sustainable development. As a leader in its businesses, the Group aims to improve its customers’ performance through the pursuit of operational excellence and its ability to innovate. Structured around six Enterprises, Rhodia is the partner of major players in the automotive, electronics, flavors and fragrances, health, personal and home care markets, consumer goods and industrial markets. The Group employs around 13,600 people worldwide and generated sales of €4.03 billion in 2009. Rhodia is listed on Euronext Paris.

Rhodia Novecare, with a net sales of €827 million in 2009 is one of the six Group’s Enterprises and provides high-performance products and solutions to a wide range of industries including cosmetics, detergents, agrochemicals and oil, as well as coating and industrial applications. Thanks to a worldwide industrial footprint and global R&D and tech-support network, Rhodia Novecare holds leading positions in the surfactants, phosphorus derivatives, natural polymers, synthetic polymers and monomers technologies, and eco-friendly oxygenated solvents. Rhodia Novecare has developed particular expertise valuable to answer and anticipate customer’s needs in protection, surface modification, rheology, active delivery, improvement of formulations and processes, environment and health respect.

Rhodia presence at In-Cosmetics April 13th-15th,2010 inParisFrance.

Visit us at Stand L36
TUESDAY 13thInnovation Seminars:15:30-16:00in Theatre1
“Rhodia, delivering Hair Care Solutions to meet today's Consumer Needs.” 
Presented by Florence Bussod, Business Development Manager, Rhodia Home & Personal Care

Demonstration Zone:14:30-15:00
Hair Colour Protect and Colour revival demonstration with Jaguar® C17 and Miracare® SLB.
Presented by Dr Denis Bendejacq, Scientist R&D, Rhodia

Innovation Seminars:11:30-12:00in Theatre-1
“Rhodia surfactants go ‘Green’: Rhodia Sustainable solutions for Eco-Friendly Personal Care Products”
Presented by Sandra Catarino, Business Development Manager, Rhodia Home & Personal Care

ALL THREE DAYS: Rhodia features at the Innovation Zone
Rhodapex® ESB-70 NAT, a petrochemical-free SLES and Mackanate® Ultra SI, a silicone based anionic surfactant.

Suppliers Day May11th-12th,2010 inEdison,USA

Visit us at Booth # 208

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