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The Govanil™ vanilla flavor instantly reveals its unique long-lasting personality that has been a smash hit in tests with expert tasting panels and pilot customers. It combines a note of rare intensity with a unique long-lasting taste in the mouth


Vanilla note for flavors, fragrances and food (bakery, chocolate, confectionary...) and pharmaceutical intermediate

Rhovanil® Fine Mesh

Homogeneous and fine particule size vanillin for premixed food applications or food process requiring fast rate of dissolution.

Rhovanil® Natural

Natural vanillin for food applications (ice cream, beverage...) with the advantage of a natural flavor labelling.


Vanillin for flavors blending, food (bakery, chocolate, confectionary.) and for fragrance formulations (fine fragrance, detergent,toiletries, candles.)


Flakes of vanillin for pharmaceutical intermediates and for fragrances formulations.

7  results found | 1 - 7 |
results found