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Solvent for a wide range of organic reactions (carbonylation, carboxylation.), co-solvant for paint stripper and synthesis intermediate for fine organics.

Distilled cyclopentanone

Synthesis intermediate for fragrances (jasmine note and fruity d-lactones notes), agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals. It can also be used as solvent.


Synthesis intermediate for aroma chemicals and pharmaceuticals, anti-skinning agent for paint and varnish.

Rhodiasolv® CPT XP

Cyclopentanone special purified grade for semiconductor manufacturing (photoresist process).

Trifluoroacectic Acid

TFA is an important building block in the synthesis of pharmaceutical, agrochemical and performance products. It is a reagent of choice in peptide synthesis, as Boc deprotecting agent, peptide cleavage and purification solvant. It is widely used as a solvant and as a catalyst for polymerization and condensation reactions. It is also used in the manufacture of high performance coatings.


TFE is used as an intermediate for organic synthesis (phamaceuticals, agrochemicals, .)

7  results found | 1 - 7 |
results found