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It is an aromatic ketone, with characteristic odor.


The Govanil™ vanilla flavor instantly reveals its unique long-lasting personality that has been a smash hit in tests with expert tasting panels and pilot customers. It combines a note of rare intensity with a unique long-lasting taste in the mouth


It is a glycol of colourless liquid with a characteristic odour and fully miscible in water

RhodiantalTM IBCH

Base sandalwood note for fragrance compositions for detergent, toiletries, incense sticks...


Vanilla note for flavors, fragrances and food (bakery, chocolate, confectionary...) and pharmaceutical intermediate

Rhovanil® Fine Mesh

Homogeneous and fine particule size vanillin for premixed food applications or food process requiring fast rate of dissolution.

Rhovanil® Natural

Natural vanillin for food applications (ice cream, beverage...) with the advantage of a natural flavor labelling.


Vanillin for flavors blending, food (bakery, chocolate, confectionary.) and for fragrance formulations (fine fragrance, detergent,toiletries, candles.)

20  results found | 1 - 10 |
results found