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It is an organic compound, simplest example of the ketones, colorless liquid, non corresive, and low toxicity.


It is an ester of colorless liquid, pleasant non residual odor characteristical of ethers,


A ketone with a bifunctional molecule, which gives it specific properties, leading to a low-evaporating solvent


A medium-evaporating alcohol of odorless liquid


PENTEX 99 is a highly efficient, low VOC, anionic surfactant. High flash and low odor make this product easy to handle. Pentex 99 improves flow and leveling of semi and gloss paints while reducing or eliminating crawling and cut-through over greasy and glossy surfaces. It can also be used as a rewetting agent in board or adhesives for quick strike. Use 0.05 - 0.25% PENTEX 99 to achieve required wetting (1 - 2 pounds per 100 gallons of paint). A predispersion of one part PENTEX 99 added to 50 - 100 parts water is recommended to avoid gel formation.

24  results found | 1 - 10 |
results found