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Very mild, high-foaming sulfosuccinate derived from coconut oil. Due to its mildness and flash foam in hard water, it is recommended as a partial replacement for anionics used in cosmetics. Mackanate CP also dries to a friable powder making it an excellent additive to rug shampoos. This grade is preserved with methylparaben and has no formaldehyde donors.


Highly effective anionic wetting agent, penetrating agent and surface tension reducer. It is 1.5% water soluble at 25OC and has very good organic solubility. The critical micelle concentration of Mackanate® DOS-75 is 0.08 Å 0.01 g/100 mL with a surface tension of26 Dynes/cm.


Mild, nearly colorless liquid sulfosuccinate derived from a vegetable sourced three mole ethoxylated lauryl alcohol. Mackanate EL provides excellent foam properties, which can be enhanced by blending with sodium laureth sulfate. The combination of these two surfactants provides a very mild product to the skin and reduces eye irritation.


Very mild, nearly colorless sulfosuccinate derived from a three-mole ethoxylated lauryl alcohol. Mackanate ELK provides excellent foam properties, which can be enhanced by blending with sodium laureth sulfate. The combination of these two surfactants provides very mild products to both skin and eyes with excellent foam performance. Mackanate ELK is preserved with 0.1% Kathon® CG* and containsno formaldehyde or formaldehyde-donor preservatives. Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate is not listed on Japan’s ENCS inventory, but it is listed in the Japanese JSCI standards, No. 503127, and is acceptable for a wide variety of CLS categories of use.


Very light colored, mild sulfosuccinate surfactant derived from lauryl alcohol. The lauryl alcohol is of vegetable origin and the overall product is >45% vegetable derived. Mackanate LO is sulfate and ethoxylate free making it ideal for natural based formulations. It provides very dense, voluminous foam when used to formulate personal cleansers. Unlike other sulfosuccinates it will provide good viscosity response when formulated with other anionics. Despite its high Krafft point Mackanate LO can be used to formulate clearproducts.


Very mild, high-foaming sulfosuccinate that is used in personal care applications. When Mackante OM is formulated with Alkyl Ether Sulfates, high foaming shampoos and skin care cleansers are produced with significantly reduced irritation potential to both skin and eyes. Mackanate OM also provides superior viscosity building properties with less salt (please see Mackanate Mild Sulfosuccinates Guide for further details).


Sulfosuccinate half ester of Oleamide MIPA made from vegetable feedstock. As such, it is a very mild surfactant to both eyes and skin. When blended with high foaming anionic surfactants, like alpha olefin sulfonates, lauryl and laureth sulfates, Mackanate OPSV will reduce irritation without significantly reducing foam. Mackanate OPSV also responds readily to viscosity builders, such as amides, betaines and salts. High viscosity products can be easily formulated. A vegetable-derived grade that is preserved with DMDM Hydantoin.


Vegetable derived, amido type monoester sulfosuccinate. It is a high foaming surfactant, mild to both eyes and skin with thickeningproperties. Mackanate OPV-N can be formulated with a variety of different anionics to produce high foaming skin cleaners with reduced irritation potential to both skin and eyes. Mackanate OPV-N also responds readily to viscosity builders such as amides, betaines and salts, allowing high viscosity products to be easily formulated. This product has no formaldehyde donors and contains no parabens


Exceptionally mild surfactant with moderate foaming properties. Like the oleamido type sulfosuccinates, it can help reduce the irritation of other anionic surfactants. Mackanate RM is compatible with lauryl sulfates, laureth sulfates and alpha olefin sulfonates and will not significantly inhibit their performance. Mackanate RM is ideal for boosting foam and reducing viscosity in foam pump applications. Mackanate RM also imparts a smooth feel to the skin after washing and drying.


Mackanate TSS is the sodium salt of sulfosuccinic acid. It is useful as a pH buffering agent and as a crisping aid for dry detergents. It is freely soluble in water.

11  results found | 1 - 10 |
results found