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Alcohol and salt free, mild, amphoteric surfactant with applications in both personal care and industrial formulations. In personalcare products, Mackam 2CSF-40CG is used to couple conditioning agents into shampoos and body washes. This high foaming surfactant makes it an ideal choice when formulating mild shampoos, baby shampoos, or body washes. Mackam 2CSF-40CG is also useful in industrialcleaners due to its ability to couple nonionic surfactants into high levels of electrolytes and its broad pH range stability. Mackam 2CSF-40CG is an ideal choice for systems where sodium chloride would be detrimental to the performance of the final product or would cause corrosion problems. It also has the potential to reduce overall irritation of other surfactants.

Available in Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, North America.
Brand Mackam®
Market(s) Health, personal and home care.
Market segment(s) Fabric care, Hair care, Home care, Institutional & industrial cleaning, Intelligent garments, Medical & Pharmaceuticals, Oral care, Skin care.
Applications Baby Shampoos 3%-5%, Neutralizing shampoos 3%-5%, Body Wash 5%-7%
Product range Surfactants - Amphoteric
Global Business Unit Novecare