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Dispersant and emulsifier for cosmetic formulations

Available in Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, North America.
Brand Igepal®
Market(s) Health, personal and home care, Industry & processing.
Market segment(s) Fabric care, Hair care, Home care, Institutional & industrial cleaning, Intelligent garments, Medical & Pharmaceuticals, Oral care, Coatings, epoxy & adhesives, Emulsion Polymerization, Industrial formulations, Lubricant & waxes, Mining, Pigments, inks & printing, Plastic & textile additives, Pulp & paper.
Applications Cream and Body Lotion, Hair Color Treatment, Shampoo
Product range Surfactants - Nonionic
CAS number 122-99-6
Chemical name 2-phenoxyethanol
Global Business Unit Novecare