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Triflic anhydride may be used to introduce a protective trifluoromethane sulfonyl group. It is a strong activator of hydroxyl groups, for example in glycosidation reactions. It is an efficient promoter for inversion configuration and for nucleophilic substitutions. It may also be used as an activator of phenols or enols for the synthesis of aryl and vinyl triflates.

Available in Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, North America.
Brand No specific brand
Market(s) Agrochemicals & animal nutrition, Health, personal and home care, Industry & processing.
Market segment(s) Synthesis intermediates, Medical & Pharmaceuticals, Fine chemical intermediates.
Applications Agrochemicals intermediates , Pharmaceuticals intermediates , Intermediate for liquid crystals , DVD surface treatment , Intermediate for organic synthesis
Product range Fluorinated compounds - Fluorinated compounds
CAS number 358-23-6
Global Business Unit Aroma Performance

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Triflic Acid

Triflic acid belongs to the class of superacids, it is the strongest Bronstedt acid available at industrial scale. It is used as anacidic catalyst in many reactions in organic synthesis (alkylation, esterification, etherification, acylation, isomerization, ethoxylation, cyclization, cationic rearrangement, etc .) and in cationic polymerization. The triflate anion is widely used as intermediate in organic synthesis, since it is an excellent leaving group (up to 30,000 times more effective than tosylate). Due to its uniqueproperties the triflate anion is also an excellent anion for ionic liquids.