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Rhodiasolv® Dibasic ester

Rhodiasolv® Dibasic ester

Rhodia Novecare Rhodiasolv Dibasic

Eco-friendly solvents

Rhodia, as a leader in solvent business, has developed a large range of innovative Dibasic ester solvents, Rhodiasolv®  IRIS, RPDE, STRIP, DIB, DEE and TEX10. These solvents present excellent “eco-friendly” properties and are suitable for a wide range of applications.

Customers' challenges

Industrial companies are increasingly looking for new types of solvents, which enable them to comply with stricter regulation and respond to demands in sustainability and environmental protection.

Features & Benefits

The broad range of Rhodiasolv® dibasic ester solvents  allows companies to meet changing environmental policies and offer the following benefits for a wide range of applications.

• Safe to use
Safety:  Formulators can manipulate these solvents at a wide temperature range due to their high flash and high boiling points. Rhodiasolv® Dibasic esters solvents are considered as non flammable. Consumers can easily work with these solvents due to their low toxicity, and non irritant properties.
VOC: Rhodia’s range of dibasic ester solvents enables customers to meet different VOC legislation (VOC : volatile Organic compound; European directive 1999/13/EC, and US directive CARB/ EPA 40FR 59.203(f)1).

• An “Eco-friendly” solvent
Rhodiasolv® dibasic ester range are readily biodegradable and have low toxicity, making them an ecofriendly alternative to methylene chloride or NMP.

• A powerful solution 
Rhodiasolv® dibasic esters range are powerful solvents in terms of dissolving time and solubility, presenting a cost effective alternative to traditional products for a wide range of applications. Excellent performance is offered together with low tox, biodegrability and regulatory compliance (Low VOC, non flammable).

• A cost efficient solvent
Rhodiasolv® dibasic ester solvents can offer a cost efficient solution. With their low evaporation rates less product is often required compared with many traditional solvents.


Rhodia developed differents specialized Rhodiasolv® Dibasic ester solvents, which present specific properties for those different applications: 

Resins clean-up

  • Paint and coating formulation 

  • Graffiti removal 

Paint stripping

  • Foundry resins 

  • Coalescing agent for paint formulations

  • Degreasing applications 

  • Formulation in detergents, pesticides and insecticides, textiles lubricants, corrosion inhibitors, printing ink.


Rhodiasolv® IRIS supported by the European Life+ program

Rhodia has received support from the European Commission’s LIFE+ program for the industrial pilot demonstration of its eco-friendly solvent Rhodiasolv® IRIS.