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Mirapol® Surf-S

Mirapol® Surf-S

Rhodia Mirapol Surf S

Specialty Polymer for Hard Surface Cleaning

Mirapol® Surf-S polymers from Rhodia are breakthrough additives for hard surface cleaning formulations. The product is easy to incorporate in formulations and provides a competitive advantage in the market.

Spend less time cleaning and more time having fun

Todays consumers want a hard-surface cleaning solution that cleans easily, fast and effectively and that helps keep hard surfaces cleaner for longer.

Unlike standard surfactant-based cleaners, Mirapol® Surf-S ensures quick, easy, effective and long-lasting cleaning.

Mirapol® Surf-S polymers modify the surface into a more hydrophilic - water-loving - surface. Rinsing water flows on the surface as a thin film that dries faster, leaving the surface free of spots and streaks. Mirapol® Surf-S polymers resist rinsing and wiping from the first use and reduce soil adhesion on the surface. The polymers bind to the surface and do not wash away with the cleaning solution.

The product provides a rinse aid function for 3-in-1 products ensuring shiny and spot-free dishes, costs are reduced as it will replace 2/3 of specific non ionic surfactants with only 0.2% polymer and it allows for an easier process - liquid or granulated polymer is easy to introduce.

Equally importantly, there is no polymer build up as less than 2nm is absorbed even after 50 cycles.

In the bathroom, kitchen and window cleaning markets, dried spots and streaks can be avoided by preventing water beading (hydrophilization), the polymer long-lasting substantivity keeps the surface cleaner for a longer time and makes it easier to clean in the future.

Soil will not adhere to the surface and the product has an anti-scale effect as the polymer strongly reduces lime scale deposition.

For toilet/WC bowls, subsequent cleaning is easier due to soil-repellency - the soil does not adhere to the toilet bowl - and an anti-scale effect, as the polymer, once again, strongly reduces lime scale deposition.

Surfaces remain clean longer due to the polymer's long-lasting substantivity - it will last for more than 100 flush cycles.


- Automatic Dish Wash
- Hard Surface Cleaner
- Bathroom
- Kitchen
- Window cleaners
- All purpose cleaners
- Toilet Bowl cleaners