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Rheomer® 33

Rheomer® 33

Innovative Rheologica Control l Polymer for Personal Cleansing Solutions

Rheomer® 33 is a rheology control polymer that can be used by formulators to prepare personal cleansing formulations of a diverse and wide variety of innovative textures.

Rheomer® 33 is a new hydrophobically-modified alkali-swellable emulsion (HASE) polymer for personal cleansing solutions. It is designed to provide efficient thickening, shear-thinning rheology and good suspension properties in low-to-medium surfactant systems.

Key Benefits

  • High thickening efficiency in both sulfate-based and sulfate-free surfactant systems.
  • Good suspension properties in low-to-medium surfactant systems, typically 6-13 wt% active surfactants.
  • Superior clarity for pH>6.3, with a high tolerance to salt.
  • Enhanced flash-foam & foam volume; high foam richness, whiteness & elasticity.
  • Pleasant cushiony in-use feel and clean rinse properties
  • Easy-to-use liquid form; suitable for cold process


  • Crystal Clear Body Washes with suspended beads or capsules

  • Pearlescent body washes and shampoos

  • Moisturizing shower creams with high oil content

  • Liquid hand soaps

  • Facial scrubs with exfoliating beads

  • 2-in-1 conditioning shampoos

  • Mild Baby Body Washes and Shampoos

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David Mallett was present at In Cosmetics 2013 to unveil a unique sensorial experience using Solvay’s hair care offer. Renowned worldwide for its know-how, this very talented hairdresser used 4 Solvay smart cleansing and conditioning systems. Those shampoos are the results of the best association between Solvay’s ranges of surfactants and polymers to deliver exceptional performance on targeted hair types.