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Rhodia Silica is the inventor and leading global provider of highly dispersible silica, which is primarily used in fuel-saving tires. Rhodia’s silica is also used in a wide range of other key markets such as industrial applications, personal care and nutrition products (food and animal nutrition). 

Rhodia is driving sustainable mobility through its innovative range of Zeosil® highly dispersible silica for tire applications. Mainly used in the manufacture of low energy-consumption tires (also known as green tires), Zeosil® highly dispersible silicas help to reduce CO2 emissions. They have received official approval from leading tire manufacturers worldwide.

Rhodia's Tixosil® brand of high performance silicas are used in oral care products, food processing and animal nutrition products.
Operating from its eight production sites and four R&D centres, Rhodia Silica strives to provide its customers with unique innovative solutions. These solutions are designed to comply with the most stringent international regulations and support customers’ growth strategies – for example with the continuous increase of its sites’ capacities around the world. 

One of Rhodia Silica’s latest innovation for the tire industry is a new-generation of high surface-area silica called Zeosil® Premium, designed to improve the energy-efficiency of tires. This highly dispersible silica enables to produce Green tires (“A-A” grade tires in the Tire Labelling legislation to be implemented in Europe on November 2012).

Flagship brands & innovation

  • Tire solutions: Zeosil® is the brand name of a range of highly dispersible silicas for tires and polymer applications.
    Zeosil® Premium
    is one of the latest innovations, offering less rolling resistance and enhanced performance.
  • Tixosil® is the brand name of innovative micro pearl silica or standard quality silica dedicated to oral care, animal nutrition and food applications. 

Leadership position

  • N° 1 worldwide for high-performance Highly Dispersible Silica

Rhodia Silica worldwide network

With eight industrial sites around the globe, Rhodia is the only worldwide manufacturer of highly dispersible silica with production capacities and uniform specifications in America, Europe and Asia to serve the growing global needs of its customers.

Zeosil® Premium

Introduced in 2007, Zeosil® Premium is a new generation of highly dispersible silicas.