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Polyamide & Intermediates

Polyamide & Intermediates

Solvay Polyamide & Intermediates produces intermediates and polymers based on the polyamide 6.6 value chain.

These products play a vital role in the production of 6.6 polymers used in the manufacture of engineering plastics, industrial technical fibers and textile yarns. The GBU also supplies customers with Hexamethylenediamine (HMD) and Adipic Acid and an extended range of intermediates derived from these flagship products. The GBU meets the needs of a wide variety of markets: the automotive industry, high performance industrial paints, textiles, sportswear, special treatments and consumer goods.

Industrial yarns and fibers are used in a host of industrial applications where performance and flexibility play a crucial role in their ability to satisfy highly specific requirements.

Solvay is one of the few market players to possess a fully integrated manufacturing chain ranging from upstream intermediates to downstream products.  

Flagship brands & innovation

  • Rhodiamine™ & Rhodiacid™, an extended range of innovative intermediates providing an “infinity solutions” to meet our customers’ most demanding needs.
  • Stabamid®, a comprehensive range of 6.6 polymers, providing outstanding performance for engineering plastics, industrial and technical yarns. 
  • Passoréa™, a range of polyamide fibers designed for the automotive industry.

Rhodiamine™ & Rhodiacid™

Rhodiamine™ & Rhodiacid™, to stretch the limits of imagination, enter an expanding C6 universe… the world of Infinity Solutions.